Lies are keeping us alive.

on 01 Temmuz 2010
How we're going to survive? I don't even know if this situation leads to an end to be survived.
We'll be destroyed. That's the only fat big truth to be understood.
And your lies are the only way to make it last a bit longer.
Once again we're trapped in a game. There is no exit and there is no chance. Everyone will loose, everything will be lost. Nothing left to save, no one left to survive. We're trapped by the lies that you say. Running in that same old cycle for the 3rd time. But this time, no one will survive.

Better run for cover 
You're a hurricane full of lies 
And the way you're heading 
No one's getting out alive 

So do us all a favor 
Would you find somebody else to blame 
'Cause your words are like bullets and I'm the way your weapons aim
No more excuses 
No more running 
Only God can save you now 
(God can save you now) 
'Cause I know the truth 
Time is running out 

And I'm just one drink away 
And I'm back in Wonderland like it was yesterday 
And you get to hear me say, "Who gets the last" 
"Who gets the last" 
"Who gets the last laugh now" 

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