Carpe Diem Baby

on 12 Temmuz 2010

Summer is passing on pretty well... 
I'm going to Büyükada on weekends to spend some time with friends and in other days I'm here in my home at Gayrettepe; reading magazines and books, watching Grey's Anatomy, thinking, sleeping and just being lazy...
Officially I'm in my last month of freedom. Later, I'll be under the stress of that senseless and disgusting exam(s). It's a big opportunity for me to shape the rest of my life in the way I want. But I guess, it's so much stress and responsibility for me. I'm scared of failure (Ok, just forget these things right now!)

I'm having great time & I'm happy
:) That's the only thing matters... 

In these days, I want to scream out loud and say "Sieze the day!" ; cause some people don't.

Yes, you! 
Don't think that much about what's going to happen and live for today.
You're just being chicken.

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