on 04 Nisan 2010
I really don't know what to do...
And it makes me feel timid, puzzled, slaphappy and ofcourse; in love.
But I wonder; is it better to just let go and throw it to the winds?
However, time is running swiftly... And every second, like an internal diseases, gnawing me...
I ask to myself: "Where is the horizon?"
When the earth and sky will be separated mercilessly? When the evil horizon going to tear them apart?
Until we get to that day, I'm here...

But as I said before; I don't know what to do. From now on, it's your mission to help me :)
I would say "I love you" but; I cannot name the feeling that I have. At least I know, It's not like anything else...

Good night Istanbul! (Tonight, like most of your Saturday nights, you're incredibly alive. I can clearly hear you breathing, singing, walking, running, dancing, laughing, crying, talking, kissing, shouting and slowly dying...)

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