History, You Made Me INSANE!

on 25 Mart 2010

Trying hard to study for my history exam... You can see how hard I'm trying. That's why I'm in front of my computer,  writing... Because I had enough empty looks to my history notes. They we're just staring me back.
I wished, if the sentences could speak for themselves and just told me all the stuff that i should know. But I think it's impossible for now... As I was hoping for my billions of notes to make a small noise, my brain sang towards me:

"Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain,
Still remains, within the sound of silence."

It's time to sleep...

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Konfigürasyon Mühendisi dedi ki...

Then rewrite the history and let people read yours :)

Rey. dedi ki...

I'm not sure if my history teacher will accept those as correct answers :) That's the problem.

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